Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

Vizor 4000

The welding helmets of the Vizor series provide perfect protection for the professional welder and make all welding tasks even safer, more efficient, more precise and more comfortable, irrespective of the welding position. The ergonomic design and well-thought-out functionality combined with high-quality materials guarantee pleasant and stress-free working. Thanks to an even better and more energy-efficient auto-darkening filter cartridge, it has been possible to reduce battery consumption significantly.
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Product details

Shade level range2,0/4-12
Switchover time / darken0,09 ms
Switching time dark / light0,1-2,0 sec
Cartridge size [LxBxH]90 x 110 x 7mm


285 mm
236 mm
232 mm
Weight0,5 kg


Vizor 4000 Crystal

The Vizor 4000 Crystal provides unique glare protection technology, and in light conditions, you can perceive color almost as clearly as you would through a clear glass window. In darkness, the welder has a detailed and high-contrast view of the weld pool, with unprecedented clarity.

Crystal clear view

Shade Level 2

The light transmission level of 31% at shade level 2 when open allows for a virtually perfect view of your working environment.


Thanks to the autopilot, you no longer need to set the shade level yourself. The auto-darkening filter cartridge darkens automatically and regulates independently between 4 and 12, according to the arc intensity.

Twilight function

The display opens smoothly, significantly reducing eye strain in comparison to a normal delay function (twilight function).

Settings directly on the outside of the welding helmet

You can set the most important settings, such as shade level and grinding mode, directly on the outside of the welding helmet.

Environmental sensors

With the seamlessly adjustable sensitivity, the sensors can be adapted to the environmental conditions.

Grinding mode

In grinding mode, the auto-darkening filter cartridge remains deactivated. This ensures interference-free grinding.

Your benefits

  • Better vision before, during, and after welding, thanks to Crystal Lens Technology
  • Autopilot function allows for comfortable working
  • Super lightweight, at just 0.5 kg / 1,1 lb
  • Compatible with fan filter unit Vizor Air/3X

Compatible with fan filter unit Vizor Air/3X

Vizor Air/3X is a protection system for the eyes and airways that makes no compromises in occupational health and safety or comfort. In addition to proven glare protection technology, a unique air flow system within the welding helmet offers infinitely variable air distribution between the forehead and breathing zones. Vizor Air/3X is therefore a truly “clean” solution for the user, as 99.8% of particles are filtered out and pleasant cooling is provided for the welder.

The lithium-ion battery delivers an operating time of up to 18 hours. An acoustic and visual alarm is triggered if the battery is low, the filter is clogged or missing, or in the event of low air flow.  

The system is used where the environmental conditions do not allow for optimum extraction of the welding fumes, for example for flexible welding work, or work in confined spaces and highly polluted ambient air. 

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