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Perfect Welding

ArcRover 15

Welding carriage for mechanised longitudinal seam welding

The battery-powered ArcRover 15 is a universal welding tractor for mechanised longitudinal seam welding. Its integrated permanent magnet ensures optimum adhesion and optimum traction for wheels. Can also be used vertically.


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Product details

welding carriage ArcRover 15 - longitudinal seam welding
Welding tractor ArcRover 15, fillet weld, horizontal application

The benefits of welding with ArcRover 15.

  • Reduced height for even more welding applications
  • Optimal performance under harsh environmental conditions
  • Safe thanks to compliance with rules for welding interior container surfaces
  • Welding made easier with high-performance li-ion battery
  • Maximum traction on horizontal, vertical, concave and convex components
  • Constant welding speed in all positions up to 250 cm/min
  • Precision torch guidance on the component
  • Definable welding segments
  • Consistently high weld seam quality and reproducible welding parameters in conjunction with Fronius power source technology
  • Compact, robust and lightweight aluminium housing
  • Global service network

More flexibility + more quality = more cost effectiveness = ArcRover

Schweißfahrwerk ArcRover 15 vertical application
Welding tractor ArcRover 15, fillet weld, vertical application


  • 4-wheel drive, integrated permanent magnet
  • Integrated controller with backlit display
  • Path measuring system
  • Adjustable lateral guides for precise seam tracking
  • Robust universal welding torch holder for manual and machine welding torches
  • Power source connection cable (10 m)
  • Replaceable lithium-ion battery (25.4 V/3.35 Ah)


  • Main switch: on/off
  • Left/stop/right
  • Speed control
  • Menu-based control system for travel path and segment welding
  • Welding on/off (2-step mode)
  • Memory for 10 programs  

Options and accessories.

  • Lateral guides
  • Battery charging system (230 V)
  • Replaceable lithium-ion battery (25.4 V/3.35 Ah)
  • Stainless steel wheels
  • Brushes
ArcRover 15 lateral guide tiltable
Welding tractor ArcRover 15, tiltable lateral guide

Tiltable lateral guide.

ArcRover 15 lateral guide for edge
Welding tractor ArcRover 15, lateral guide for edge

Lateral guide for edge.

ArcRover 15 lateral guide with magnet
Welding tractor ArcRover 15, lateral guide with magnet 

Standard lateral guide with magnet.

ArcRover 15 lateral guide with guiding rail
Welding tractor ArcRover 15, lateral guide with guide rail

Lateral guide with guide rail.

  • Guide arm for flexible rail
  • Magnetic base for guide rail
  • Flexible guide rail

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