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Perfect Welding

FMW Multi Welding System

Mechanised Multi Welding

The Fronius Multi Welding System makes combining all welding applications into a single system possible. Different welding processes are also available for individual uses and new processes can be added as required. The Fronius Multi Welding System is the first choice in sectors where different components (pipes, flanges, reducers, fittings, valves, etc.) and different metal alloys play a significant role, such as the food, plant construction and energy industries.


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Product details

Fronius mechanized Multi Welding System FMW
FMW Multi Welding System

Quick change of welding process thanks to  FMW.

The Fronius Multi Welding System enables the welding process to be changed in no time. Equipped with quick-release catches, the welding torches can be changed in seconds. The intuitive HMI opens up entirely new possibilities and saves time. It has never been so easy to develop customer-specific process control and program the welding process.


  • Human Machine Interface - system controller
  • Multi welding processes - max. eight different welding processes
  • Variety of automatic welding torches - up to three different welding torches with the same hosepack
  • Circumferential weld, longitudinal seam and both combined in multi welding axes
  • Ten different axes that can be controlled via HMI and remote control
  • Modular, expandable welding system concept
  • Q-Master quality management software
  • ArcView camera system


Fronius HMI-T10 system controller
HMI T-10 system controller

HMI T10.

This high-end system controller enables up to ten motorised travel axes to be controlled, supported by a graphical interface. The remote control can be used to access all relevant functions.

Fronius Arcview camera system
ArcView console shows the arc


The camera module is fitted to the welding torch and sends live images to the upright console and the internet via Ethernet.

Fronius power sources
Fronius high-tech power sources

Power source set.

Different configurations available.

Fronius, AVC arc voltage control system
AVC (Arc Voltage Control) system


Arc Voltage Control (AVC) and oscillation (OSC) via motor slide.

Fronius FMW multi welding system - machine carrier
FMW column & boom

Column & boom.

Equipped with servo motors for horizontal and vertical travel. The upright console is an additional horizontal travel axis.

Fronius FMW axle units
FMW support units

Support units.

Adjustable support units for perfect component guiding. Linear guides facilitate precise and easy movement.

Fronius FRP 1000 HMI turntable
Example of a positioner


For vertical and horizontal component positioning. Axes can be used as travel or welding axes.

Different models available depending on the requirement.

FMW longitudinal seam
Example of a longitudinal seam

Longitudinal seam welding.

In horizontal and vertical workpiece position.

circular seam
Example of circumferential weld

Circumferential welding.

In horizontal and vertical workpiece position.

cladding seam
Example of cladding


Multiple welding axes are used.

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