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Perfect Welding

FTW 24-120 PRO tubesheet welder

Mechanised orbital welding

The FTW PRO is ideal for applications where factors such as time saving, optimal quality and exact repeatability are paramount. For pipe-to-pipe-plate joints in heat exchangers or heat sinks, these criteria are essential. The pneumatic clamping system or the suspension device greatly simplify the work process for the user and reduce the time required. The three-point support ensures exact positioning of the welding torch, even with varying tube protrusions.


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Product details

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO horizontal welding application
Tubesheet welding with FTW 24-120 Pro


Compact, ergonomic design

Increases productivity while maintaining optimum quality and reproducibility

Time-saving, simple positioning

User-friendly operation

Pneumatic clamping system

Variety of mandrels and clamping jaws for different pipe inside diameters

Precise adjustment units for user-dependent torch adjustment

Special welding torch with Multilock quick-connect system and water cooling

Hanging devices (optional) for different applications

Practical handle to quickly start welding programs

Three-point support (optional)

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO multilock torch
FTW Pro Multilock welding torch

Multilock welding torch.

Special water-cooled welding torch with Multilock quick-connect system for speedy changing or calibration of the torch body (elbow available in 20°/30°).

FTW 24-120 PRO, clamping system
FTW Pro - case containing mandrels and bearing rings 

Clamping system.

Various mandrels/clamping jaws/bearing rings in a practical storage case. Pneumatics are used for clamping.

FTW 24-120 PRO 3-point-support
FTW Pro three-point support

Three-point support (optional).

Precisely distance the welding torch using the pneumatic three-point support – even with varying tube protrusions.

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO, adjusting units
FTW Pro adjustment unit

Adjustment units with fixing.

Two rotary buttons and two locking levers enable the welding torch to be precisely adjusted and fixed in place.

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO hanging device
FTW Pro hanging device

Hanging device.

Can be used for vertical or horizontal welding positions. When used in conjunction with a spring balancer, allows “weightless” positioning.

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO handle
FTW Pro handle


Ergonomic handle for starting welding programs. This can also be used when removed from the hanging device.

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO controller
FTW 24-120 PRO control unit with FRC 40 remote control


  • Sturdy housing
  • Graphical user interface
  • Touch display
  • Multifunctional dial
  • Replaceable protective film for display
  • Parameters can be programmed and stored
  • Variety of languages
  • Job switch (optional)
Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO Touch Display
Touch display on FRC 40 remote control

Touch display.

User-friendly touchscreen operation.

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO Click Wheel
Multifunctional dial on FRC 40 remote control

Multifunctional dial.

For selecting and correcting parameters, even during automatic program sequences.

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO mandrels
Mandrels for FTW 24-120 Pro


Three mandrels cover a tube inside diameter range of 30 to 120 mm (other diameters available on request).

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO clamping jaws
Clamping jaws for FTW 24-120 Pro

Clamping jaws.

Three mandrels cover a tube inside diameter range of 30 to 120 mm (other diameters available on request).

Fronius FTW 24-120 PRO support rings
Bearing rings for FTW 24-120 Pro

Bearing rings.

Bearing rings for different pipe diameters.

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