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Stainless steel: Optimally rework TIG welds and surfaces

With the MagicCleaner device series, we provide you with innovative technology for the treatment of TIG weld seams and stainless steel surfaces. Cleaning, polishing and labeling of stainless steel are possible with it. In contrast to mechanical or chemical cleaning, the material surface is not affected. No exposure times are required. And an additional passivation process is no longer necessary. 
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The powerful cleaning device with patented compressed air blower for intensive applications and longer TIG welds. Ready to use in just 3 steps.

Product details


Mains voltage230V
Mains voltage tolerance-15% / +10%
Welding current max.29 A
Open-circuit voltage30 V
Degree of protectionIP23
558 mm
210 mm
369 mm
Weight14 kg
Weight14 kg


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Full flexibility

Cleaning and passivation in a single working step

Our MagicCleaner allows you to clean and passivate TIG weld seams and stainless steel surfaces in a single step.

Cost-effective electrolyte consumption

Whether using the tube screwed onto the cleaning torch orthe included 1.8 l tank (MC300), electrolyte consumptioncan be precisely delivered in a sustainable and resource conserving manner.

Ready for use in max. 3 steps

Set-up is quick and easy. All important parameters (operating mode, cleaning performance, electrolyte dosing) are adjustable on the easy-access front panel.

Innovative inverter technology

Our inverter technology ensures reduced power consumption for the same output power, resulting in advice that is both energy-efficient and lightweight.

Before / after

One device, three functions

Clean, polish, print

Clean and passivate in one step. MagicCleaner is the most advanced system for electrochemical cleaning units. With one machine, you can clean, polish, and inscribe stainless steel. Removepost-weld temper colouration and restore the protective passive layer at the same time.

After cleaning, the polishing process ensures a consistently lustrous surface and improves the steel passivation process. In addition, the MagicCleaner provides the option to permanently inscribe stainless steel surfaces - the perfect alternative to stickers or laser engraving.

Innovative technology

1. Cleaning

The electrochemical cleaning process uses alternating current (AC) and electrolyte fluid to remove post-weld temper colouration and perform passivation.

2. Polishing

Electrochemical polishing removes some of the base material from the workpiece and lightens surface colouration. This results in a consistent lustre after cleaning, providing an improved passivation process.

3. Printing

Permanently inscribe stainless steel with company logos, item numbers, barcodes, etc. Alternating current (AC) is used for black printing and direct current (DC) for white printing - the perfect alternative to stickers or laser engraving.

MagicCleaner 300

This powerful cleaning device includes a patented compressed air blower for intense applications and longer TIG weld seams. Ready to use in just 3 steps.

Scope of supply

/ Cleaning torch MC300 (patented compressed air blower)

/ Cleaning torch MC150

/ Grounding cable 10 mm², 3 m

/ Torch holder MC150 & MC300

/ Basic kit: electrodes/brushes/pads


/ Ready to use in 3 steps

/ Integrated 1.8 l tank

/ Cleaning torch with patented compressed airblow out system and automatic cleaning agent supply

Easy to use

/ Direct selection of the desired process

/ Power adjustment

/ Integrated 1.8 l tank

/ Liquid pump (automatic/manual)

Powerful cleaning torch

/ Patented compressed air blow out system and automatic cleaning agent supply


Torch holder

/ For storage of the torch incl. drip tray


/ Tried-and-tested robust housing

Functions /


 AC cleaning

 🗸  🗸
 DC polishing  🗸  🗸
 Printing (AC & DC)  🗸  🗸
 Integrated pump  -  🗸
 Output  15 A  30 A
 Cleaning torch MC150  🗸  🗸
 Cleaning torch MC300  -


 Cleaning fluid (contents)  100 ml tube  1.8 l tank
 ToolCase 60  🗸  -
 Toolcase 120  -  🗸
 ToolBox 210  -  🗸
 Trolley available  -  🗸





MagicCleaner 150 und 300

Inverter technology

/ Weight reduction

/ Energy-saving


Existing certifications



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