Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding
Carport with two cars underneath

Welding a steel carport Pulsed MIG/MAG welding for faultless visible seams

To emphasize the modern, purist lines of Franz Dietachmair’s home, steel was the material chosen for the construction of his carport. Steel is robust and functional and is the ideal choice for architectural solutions.


Welding a carport

Private property

Production of:

Fronius products used:
TransSteel 3000 C Pulse
JobMaster torch with EasyJob

Process application:
MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA welding

Portrait Franz Dietachmair

» I find steel a fascinating material and I feel the same about welding with it. We welded every part of the carport here on site. One of the major advantages of steel was also brought to bear in our carport project: it has an elegant, unobtrusive, and timeless aesthetic. Due to the numerous visible seams we opted for the advanced welding technology from Fronius. It guaranteed faultless, virtually spatter-free and pore-free welds, and saved avoidable rework. «

Franz Dietachmair
Person welds steel


Steel is robust and functional and is the ideal choice for architectural solutions in which different building materials such as metal, wood, or concrete come together in a simple symbiosis. The many exposed seams required visually attractive welds, largely free of pores and spatter.

Settings are made on the laptop


The steel sections of the carport were therefore welded using the pulsed arc of the TransSteel 3000 C Pulse welding system. This type of arc virtually eliminates undesirable short circuits, which bring about simultaneous droplet explosions leading to unsightly spatter.

“EasyJobs” deliver unbeatable convenience

The option of saving various jobs directly to the JobMaster welding torch is particularly useful for welders, whereby the “EasyJob” setting allows the user to save up to five such configurations. Characteristics that are frequently required for the various tasks can be created as “favorites”, such as one for tack welds and others for horizontal or vertical fillet welds. This means welders no longer need to run backwards and forwards constantly between the component and the welding system, which is a considerable advantage when it comes to efficiency and convenience.

Data documented on USB thumb drive

Increasing numbers of customers are demanding complete weld data documentation for their welding quality control. This data allows them to precisely check the quality of the individual welds on the basis of possible deviations from the limit values and perform targeted rewelding if necessary.

The TransSteel 3000 C Pulse therefore offers the option of connecting so-called “Easy Documentation” to the back of the welding system, simply by using a USB thumb drive. All the data is recorded automatically and, once the welding work is complete, the welder removes the USB thumb drive from the welding system and inserts it into their laptop, where they can view the CSV documentation files. The user can set filters for reviewing special jobs; for example, for all tack welds. Welders also have the option of exporting and evaluating PDF reports.

Products in use


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