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Perfect Welding

Vizor Connect

Interference from external light, welding light reflections, welding in inaccessible positions – there are many factors that can significantly impair the reliability of fully automatic protective welding helmets. Throughout 6 – 8 hours a day of welding, a welder will ignite the arc more than a hundred times. Every time it is ignited, there is a split-second delay before the automatic auto-darkening filter cartridge closes. Not so with the Vizor Connect.

Product details

Shade level range2,5/7-12 (man,) bzw, 2,5/5-12 (auto)
Switchover time / darken0,09 ms
Switching time dark / light0,1-2,0sec
Cartridge size [LxBxH]58x125mm


Weight0,55 kg

Increased comfort - increased safety

Connection to the welding system

Bluetooth® Low Energy technology enables the welding helmet to be darkened by the welding system before the arc is even ignited. The auto-darkening filter cartridge remains reliably darkened even at extremely low currents and during out-of-position welding.


The autopilot automatically adjusts the level of protection. The auto-darkening filter cartridge darkens automatically and regulates the level of protection according to the arc intensity.

Panoramic view

The specially designed shape of the auto-darkening filter cartridge (nose cut) gives the wearer six times the field of vision of conventional welding helmets.

Brightness level of 2.5

With a brightness level of 2.5 when open, the Vizor Connect is ideal for both pre-fabrication and rework tasks, since the welder no longer needs to continually take the helmet on and off.

All the advantages of a conventional welding helmet

As well as using the Bluetooth® connection, the Vizor Connect can also be used with all conventional arc welding systems. The helmet features all the usual functions of a high-quality automatic welding helmet and as such responds to optical pulses (sensor mode) when the Bluetooth® function is turned off. The auto-darkening filter cartridge closes as soon as the arc ignites.

  • MagicWave 230i
  • TransTig 230i
  • TPS/i *

The three Bluetooth®-enabled Fronius welding systems can be used in combination with the Vizor Connect. Integrated welding systems are designed for maximum efficiency. The final link in the system is the Bluetooth® helmet.

By being integrated into the system, the Vizor Connect ensures greater efficiency due to increased safety and comfort

Away from the welding process, the Vizor Connect ensures impressive visibility in terms of brightness and field of vision. The optimized glare protection also reduces eye strain. All of these factors help to improve concentration levels, resulting in better welding results and greater efficiency.

* Bluetooth® function only available in certified countries TPS 320i C / TPS 320i / TPS 400i / TPS 500i / TPS 600i from serial number 29200502 and 4,067,101 NFC/BLE/WIFI24 Inside (firmware version 2.0.1) MW 230i / TT 230i from series start (firmware version 1.5.0)

Maximum protection

Panoramic field of vision
Comfort headband
Patented eccentric
Lithium polymer battery that can be charged via USB-C cable, supported by solar cells
True-color view
Connection to the Fronius welding system: 0.00 second delay time.
Much brighter view in light conditions
Levels of protection
Grinding mode
Twilight function
Sensitivity control in sensor mode

Battery supply

The auto-darkening filter cartridge on the Vizor Connect has a combined power supply consisting of solar cells and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

When the helmet is operated in Bluetooth® mode, the solar cells do not provide sufficient power. The helmet battery must therefore be charged.

  • Runtime in Bluetooth® mode: approx. 40 hours
  • Charging time: approx. 3 hours

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