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Perfect Welding

PushPull Systems

Systems with two Wirefeeders

This system is used for applications where the wire needs to be fed over a large distance. It is also suitable for use with soft filler metals. The PushPull system is equipped with two perfectly synchronised wirefeeders that ensure extremely precise wirefeeding. This is a prerequisite for high process stability, especially when long wire-feed distances and soft filler metals are involved.

Application: Flange - Exhaust systems

/ Process: CMT

The focus here lies on the practically spatter-free welding process at a high welding speed and with high-quality results.

Robacta Drive CMT, Fronius

WF 60i Robacta Drive CMT

This highly dynamic wirefeeder supports all welding processes – from standard to CMT. It can be used for both hollow-arm robots and conventional robots.

Robacta, Fronius
WF 25i Robacta Drive

The WF 25i RD impresses with its compact size. It can be integrated into both conventional and PAP robot systems. The newly developed CrashBox provides optimum protection for the hardware. Considerable savings can be made here in terms of costs and time, particularly during the commissioning phase in series production processes.
Fronius, WeldCube Package

WeldCube – all-inclusive data management

The WeldCube full package solution contains hardware, software and defined service packages. This extremely flexible data documentation solution from Fronius ensures your industrial series production operation is as future-proof as possible.

compartible to roboter, Fronius
Compatibility with robots

The TPS/i communicates quickly and easily with robots from various manufacturers. Quick integration of the welding system through robot-specific attachments.
Fronius, Crashbox

Magnetic Crashbox

The refined CrashBox dramatically reduces the load on the torch body in the event of a collision. This minimises the force impact of the load immediately following the collision, preventing damage to the torch body and drive unit. The extremely high reset accuracy (+/- 0.05 mm) allows production to be quickly resumed.

roboter interface, Fronius
PRO robot interface

The external PRO robot interface provides space for customer-specific connectors and additional interface options. Highlight: mapping and signals can be tailored to customer requirements quickly and easily.
Interface von Fronius
Retrofitting: Manual robotics

Converting a manual power source into a robot power source is achieved quickly and easily by installing a robot interface, which enables the robot control and the TPS/i to communicate with each other. All of the common standard interfaces may be used.

The world of TPS/i

Read about why the MIG / MAG welding machine is suitable for almost all welding applications – customized for your requirements.
Learn more about TPS/i
Welding machines

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