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Perfect Welding
TPS/i Robotics, Fronius

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Manual welding


Due to its wide range of applications, MIG/MAG welding is the most commonly used welding process in the world. Fronius offers its customers an extensive portfolio of MIG/MAG power sources for all kinds of requirements.


TIG welding is predominantly used for thin and medium material thicknesses and promises maximum quality. Whether on the production line or for mobile applications, Fronius has the right solution for the perfect weld seam.


MMA welding is ideal for almost all metals and can be used outside or even underwater, yielding good results. Fronius offers suitable devices for both commercial and private users. TIG welding can also be performed with most of our MMA welding systems. 

Robotic welding

MIG/MAG single wire

Fronius is a full-service provider, system manufacturer and single-source supplier of welding systems for all sectors. Our technologies are designed for all types and manufacturers of robots. High wire speeds and deposition rates meet all requirements for productivity and precision.

MIG/MAG high performance

Even higher wire speeds and deposition rates can be achieved thanks to tandem and high-performance systems. The interplay between our components is perfect and we guarantee completely reproducible, visually flawless weld seams even at the highest of speeds.


In the field of mechanised TIG welding, the highest quality and a perfect weld-seam appearance are paramount. As a full-service provider, system manufacturer and single-source supplier, Fronius provides tailored, long-lasting, high-quality solutions.

Plasma welding

When high quality is required, especially with sheets and other components up to 8 mm thick, plasma welding offers numerous advantages, including high welding speeds, deeper penetration and no more need for weld seam preparation. Fronius plasma welding systems can be retrofitted to existing TIG systems.

Welding torches

MIG/MAG manual welding torches

Maximum precision and maximum service life: MIG/MAG welding torches deliver the best outcomes in gas-cooled and water-cooled applications. Wear parts and torch components are perfectly matched to the welding power. From difficult to access components to remote job sites, welding torches from Fronius are designed to cover an extremely broad range of applications.

MIG/MAG robot welding torches

With robotic welding applications, it’s usually the material, the length of the hosepack, and the welding process that determine which torch system to use. We differentiate between a Push system and a Push/Pull system, which involves attaching a second wirefeeder directly to the torch body. This provides a stable welding process, even in the case of long wirefeed distances, soft filler metals, or special applications, such as CMT.

MIG/MAG welding fume extraction

Exento fume extraction torches and extraction sets eliminate the welding fumes directly where they are produced. Welding fumes are detected before they are able to spread, which not only protects the welder, but also all of the other people in the vicinity.

MIG/MAG wear parts

Heat, welding spatter, and constant abrasion due to the welding wire: the forces which impact on wear parts are powerful. In light of this, it is all the more important to prolong the service life of wear parts which in turn reduces production costs and protects the environment.

TIG manual welding torches

Fronius welding torches represent the perfect blend of technology and ergonomics. The ergonomic handle with non-slip components sits comfortably and securely in your hand, allowing the torch to be guided with ease. Various operating concepts take care of the most varied welding requirements.


Automated welding

Whether a robotic welding system or a mechanized welding system is used depends entirely on the individual requirements. We find the best welding solution for our customers based on technical as well as economic experience and extensive feasibility studies and simulations.



Before they buy, Fronius customers benefit from customised product demonstrations, trial installations and welding trials. This makes sure they always choose the right welding solution.


When a customer decides to purchase a new welding system, Fronius also supports them with installation and commissioning. The service packages on offer as well as initial production support provide the best possible assistance for smooth integration into the production environment. 


Fronius also offers customers professional support after their purchase. Alongside extended warranties, calibration assistance, safety inspections or repairs, there is also a wealth of options for the preventative maintenance and servicing of the welding system.


With our ”Steel” and ”CrNi” WPS packages  for manual applications, you can save up to 85% on costs* and reduce the time spent having your products certified in accordance with EN 1090. (*Assumption: based on a minimum of 5 welding procedure tests)The finished packages mean you no longer need to weld test pieces, carry out welding procedure tests and create your own welding procedure specifications.


Personal protective equipment

High temperatures, intensely bright arcs and hot workpieces are part of every welder’s day-to-day life. Personal protective equipment with proven Fronius quality and boasting an innovative design ensure the welder feels safe at all times.

Welding Fume Extraction

Exento extraction devices – in combination with integrated extraction arms or in combination with Exento fume extraction torches – are used to extract welding fumes and, depending on the model, are suitable for temporary and permanent jobs.

Welding simulator

Alongside the associated Welducation Campus platform, the Welducation Simulator offers trainees and trainers a complete teaching concept consisting of theoretical content and virtual training units with the simulator.